08-23-18 XV The Spooky Devil card

What happens if we face our demons? Lets live today as if our demon have been conquered and then if you like the way that feels, do it tomorrow too. And every day until your reality matches your portrayal! (fake it ’til you make it)

Here is one of the most demonized card in the Tarot. The idea of the Devil has been used to justify so much that the mere word causes unease. I think that is because we haven’t been trained to process thru Shadow. Gimme 3 things that stand out to you on this card.

Devil card

08/21/18 The Emperor

We see this beautiful transition from The Hanged Man to The Emperor.  Check out that leg positioning. Cute that on the other side of a card about changing perspective is a changed perspective of himself!  Today, he sits upon a thrown and instead of his staff holding him upside down, he wields It and he looks back (toward the past) as he synthesizes his wisdom and knowledge to add structure and order to his current incarnation. His hands have gone from bound to holding 2 different forms of power.  From being nude and vulnerable, he is now appropriately clothed with just the right amount of his skin exposed.  He has sufficient resources, but JUST enough (2 disks).  What is interesting about that imagery is that in the Hanged man there is more money 3 disks, but in the Emperor card the money is more effective, more prominent and more balanced.  It speaks to learning to allocate resources.  That is an important trait of a good leader.  What else do you pull from the transition from The Hanged Man of yesterday to The Emperor of today?