The Greatest Love of All!

Did my ancestors know to make position me in choir when this song was popular so that @ 12 I could memorize the words and sing Lead even before I understood the meaning?

Did they know that within the next year my innocence, my accent, my bravery, my cultural identification, my integrity and my very life would be challenged? Challenged by people who looked like me and worse.  Challenged by people who claimed to be my family. (think Killmonger, but more Rapy). I had to chose to live so many times that year, moving away from everything and everyone I knew to a very unwelcoming environment in the midst of puberty!?!?!?!

But in the back of my mind was my little voice staining to sing as loudly as I could that I was created to find my strength in LOVE!

Thank you, #WhitneyHouston! I shall forever try to sing that great…and I will forever steal you hairstyles

#NothingIsWasted #NoWeaponFormedAgainstMeShallProsper

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