Good Morning, SOULdiers:

7 Disks – Failure. Humble yourself is the advice of this card. Whereas
the rest of this post is must the ramblings of a madwoman….

On this 1st day of #LibraSeason where do you need to Humble Yourself?

My experience this weekend humbled me. I’m not sure which karmic debt
yesterday was sent from a demonic dimension to chastise me for, but I
hope that was the end of it. ~SHIT~ I went from having everything in
order and planned out to having a last minute show with my last minute
boys in tow because…IDK why, I wasn’t actually given an excuse, just
this bag of disappointment to hold. Reliability is a rare trait these
days. Is there an app for that? Then when I was lamenting on my whole
woe-is-me rant to a friend, she gently reminded me that I am, in fact, a
‘short timer’ and I would need to take that experience and multiply it
across all weekends and all weeks to match her experience bc -as a
single mom- my shitty weekend is what she calls ‘a Weekend’.

? to consider when we are dealing with Failure.
Where have I overestimated? Where have I over-trusted? Is there a way
to be more cautious? Is there an underlying fear affecting my decisions?
Is this the worst failure that was possible? (if you can think of a
worse outcome, find gratitude)

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