Well, I’m now waist deep in single parenting.  I have developed a new respect for my sisters and brothers who deal with this all of the time.

I am SO angry that __________ called the night before he was supposed to show up at 6 am so I could go do my show without the boys.  He called me and asked ME how could he help?  He actually called 2x asking me what he could do bc he understood that I was home without the hubs at the time.  I told him exactly what I wanted and he emphatically agreed.  So, I believed him and relied on his fucking word.  So when he calls and cancels leaving me with NO options but to take the boys to the studio with me I just got SOOOO pissed.  WTF?! Why did you have me rely on you?  Why DID I rely on you?  I know better than that.  Your reliability is about 68% which is better than it was when I was a child, but not quiet enough for me to put all my eggs in.  I fucked up.  I had magic thinking.  I believed to fully.  I was gullible.

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