This is a magnanimous card for me today as I am just crawling out of a very emotionally dense period.  So much so that I just felt slow and hungry for several days.  I think that happens when we have a battle on subconscious levels that we are unable to process on a physical level.  I was mostly trying to numb out this week. 

Recently, I was injured and I have been listening to my body closely to assess how my injuries should be treated.  Oops..distracted. I wondered off…I’ll write more later.



#TodaysTarot We have a great Libra-esq card today, Y’all! It’s about looking at life from all perspectives. Solidify your stance by considering other stances. dO yOU! And remember: Acceptance is Requestance. What are you asking for More of in your journey?


10/8/18 PEACE

PEACE is #TodaysTarot on this day that initiated the opposite of such for our Indigenous brethren. It is about maintaining one’s own peace irrespective of the situations on faces. Can you take up this challenge? Can you honor peace over drama? Can you prioritize dignity over ‘the dozens’?

2 of Swords PEACE



Queen of Wands gives us all the opportunity to dive into our divine feminine attributes.

the watery aspect of water; as above, so below; emotions shown openly; motherhood; emotional integrity.

10 of Swords

Do you ever sit and think how any other human going thru your life would be on opioids or suicidal or homicidal or some sweet combination of those things? I find myself there almost daily this year. I think in the essence of that fact is our own individual brilliance. It’s the part we can learn to share. And once we do that, we are in our Dharma. To get access to it, we have to push beyond our current tendencies, repeatedly until we have NEW fucking tendencies! We must fashion ourselves and our standards in the shape of our dreams

If this card has ever come up in a reading w me, you know I consider this one of the scariest cards in this deck. the 10 of Swords. It beckons you out of your comfort zone in to the scary part of the unknown, the part that requires risk, dedication and getting off of you greezy ass! At the same time, it promises absolute pleasure and joy. Life beyond fear, beyond the need for control as an exhausted expression of the universe is cosmic and orgasmic and its Yours, if only you will dare to risk for it.