5/09/2018: VII The Chariot – focus + move ahead.

Take the reins in your hands and move forward with confidence, trusting that you will reach your destination. The key is to remain focused. Set your intention and direct your will. Let nothing distract you until the goal has been accomplished. The Chariot says: take charge! Assume a position of control. Lead, don’t follow. This card can also be suggesting a need for restraint or self control. If you wish to overcome a problem, you may need to apply greater self control. The Chariot also

can advise leaving a situation. It may be time to move on and chart a different course. Put the past in your rear view mirror – look forward! Finally, this can also be a reminder to stay the course. Do not get pulled in too many different directions. Move on. Victory is ahead!

See Dead People?

I  am always disquieted when I run across people who walk the earth asleep. DayWalkers, I call them. There is this type of Zombie apocalypse happening in which folks are not consciously aware of anything they do. You can tell when you are talking to a disconnected soul when their words don’t match their energy. It feels weird on the back of my neck when I notice someone doing that with me.

What is the point of living if you aren’t going to live?!

It usually happens when someone has some aspect of life they are not facing. More than that, they are actively denying.